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Free articles and answers to common parenting questions about kids and texting, kids and phones, teens and social media, Instagram and friendship, balancing tech and unplugged activities, and more.

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Get tested advice and sample scripts to navigate tricky situations with your teen. Download my free Ultimate S.O.S. Guides for Sexting and Damage Control.

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7-Day Family Tech Reset

Feeling overwhelmed by your devices? Make sure you are running your devices and they aren’t running you! Devorah’s free 7-Day Family Tech Reset email course can help you.

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Book Clubs

For parents who want to take deeper dive into Screenwise or Growing Up in Public with fellow parents, I have discussion guides that can help. For groups of 20 or more whose members have each purchased a copy of Growing Up In Public, you can invite me to personally “visit” your book discussion via zoom for a 25-minute Q and A chat.

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Raising Tough Topics With Your Teen

This six-topic video mini-course tackles the questions that parents really want to address but hesitate to raise their hands and ask publicly. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to broach the toughest topics with your teen. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a stronger, more supportive parent-child relationship.

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Phonewise Boot Camp is a 4-week online course that prepares you and your child for their first phone. You’ve considered getting your kid a phone, but you don’t feel ready. You want to keep your kid safe, healthy, and happy. You want to trust that they can be responsible with their phone, without spying on them or having a screaming match.

After Phonewise Boot Camp:

  • You’ll know the right words to use when talking with your kids about phones so that no one storms out of the room in tears.
  • You’ll be proud of the empathetic kid you are raising.
  • The idea of a phone won’t be scary anymore—you’ll be ready.
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