Parent Talks

How can parents and mentors help kids growing up in a world where nearly every moment of their lives can be shared and compared? Drawing on her extensive work with parents and schools as well as hundreds of interviews with kids, parents, educators, clinicians, and scholars, Devorah Heitner offers strategies for parenting our kids in an always-connected world.

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“Devorah’s message was invaluable and should be heard by parents everywhere. Based on our work with her, our teachers are more empowered in the classroom. We are already planning Devorah’s next visit.” —Felix Jacomino, Director of Innovation and Technology Gulliver Schools, Miami, FL

Professional Development

Teachers and school leaders need support on mentoring their students and dealing with the challenges of leading kids in a connected world.

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“Devorah moves effortlessly between a student perspective on the digital world, a parent’s perspective, and an educator’s point-of-view.  Her facilitation style is engaging, interesting, relevant, and collaborative.” —John Novick, Intermediate & Middle School Division Head at Francis W. Parker School

Student Workshops

Devorah’s interactive workshops with students help them learn about mindful tech use and how to be supportive, thoughtful and awesome online!

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“Devorah was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and she was very positively received by our staff, parents and kids. Middle schoolers were raving about her the next day. Not an easy task! Our leadership team especially appreciated the thoughtful feedback Devorah shared with us in our debriefing session.” —Alison Baratta, Head of Middle School, Doane Academy, Burlington, NJ


Need help with parent engagement, digital wellness, or personal device policies? Devorah Heitner also consults with schools on their policies, curriculum, and programming, social media wellness, integrating digital citizenship  into your wellness and social/emotional curriculum, phone policies, safe tech use, and parent engagement and support around both social media and personal use, engaging parents and on edtech rollouts and digital citizenship policies.

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“I have worked with a lot of speakers, and Devorah is a dream come true! She is responsive, meticulous, patient, and above all else: an expert in her field. She made my life so much easier in planning a large and complex event. Her speech was relevant, thoughtfully researched, and 100% relevant. Tons of our attendees approached me afterward to let me know how much they enjoyed it.” —Carrie Alexander, CIVSA, Harvard Graduate School of Education