Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World (TM). 

This is more than “Internet Safety.” Raising Digital Natives offers a refreshing perspective on kids and media that goes beyond the common admonishment to limit “screen time” to offer parents concrete criteria to evaluate the quality of the children’s media experiences they choose. Devorah addresses parents questions about how to create a positive media ecology in your home that is proactive, fun and smart!

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Learn more about Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World



Building a Culture of Empathy in a Digital Age

This workshop focuses on friendship in the digital age, fears of missing out, anonymity and other issues that affect our ability to teach students in today’s media environment. (K-12)

Engaging Parents With Technology Initiatives

Provides participants with the the ability to utilize practical strategies to implement effective and research based parent engagement strategies that will alleviate parent concerns about technology and improve student learning by involving parents. These techniques will enhance parents’ understanding of district technology practices and policies.

 In addition to these workshops, Raising Digital Natives offers consulting to facilitate a positive digital culture school-wide.

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You have an “Internet Safety” curriculum, but it doesn’t address how students are feeling.

Workshops with students are drawn from our Connecting Wisely curriculum which addresses these social/emotional issues.

  • friendships and texting
  • conflicts on social media
  • photo-sharing and exclusion

Raising Digital Natives  partnered with parenting expert and therapist Karen Jacobson, MA  to write the Connecting Wisely Curriculum to empower counselors, faculty and youth leaders to address these challenges.

“This curriculum offers schools an essential resource to help coach students how to use technology thoughtfully and empathetically. These exercises ask students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers as they articulate, practice and reflect upon how technology can play a positive role in their lives.”

Jenny Lira, LCSW, Intermediate School CounselorFrancis W. Parker School, Chicago, IL


Digital Citizenship Curriculum, Internet Safety








You’ve announced an innovative technology initiative but parents are pushing back.

Change can be stressful. Laser-focused research saves schools money & time.

Imagine what your tech coaches, chief instructional technologist and director of teaching and learning could accomplish if they weren’t so busy defending their program!

Imagine how engaged parents could be if there were respectful, accessible and thoughtful communications from the school that were responsive to their deepest concerns. Read Devorah’s Edutopia article about parent engagement.

Parent focus groups help schools and concerned parents reach understanding and improve relationships. Schools save resources and time when they can understand and address exactly what parents are concerned about, instead of just reacting. 

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What Can Our School Expect? 

“Devorah helped us pro-actively support parents who were concerned about students’ screen-time and digital citizenship during our 1:1 implementation. Devorah conducted focus groups with parents to get their feedback, so we could ensure that the program addressed the concerns of our parents. We also learned a great deal from Devorah when she was working with our classroom teachers on their strategies for classroom management and parent engagement.

The rollout went more smoothly and had greater parent support  since parents knew their voices were informing policies. Working with Devorah of Raising Digital Natives is a very positive experience.”

Katie Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Lincolnshire, IL

“We hosted nearly 100 parents at our campus. Everyone I spoke to walked away with a sense of calm and renewed confidence in their ability to mentor their digital native(s). Devorah’s guidance was timely and resonated with our students. I loved listening to 5th graders develop ideas for apps to address common challenges caused by technology. This is my new ‘must do’ for the start of the school year!!”

Cari Land, School Counselor, Highland Park School, Austin TX

“I was feeling overwhelmed by the technology in my 6th grader’s life; my daughter was accessing online tools and social media sites I wasn’t familiar with, and I needed to provide more guidance in her digital life.  After hearing Devorah of Raising Digital Natives, I now have a framework for keeping my daughter healthy and happy online.”

Michele Golden,  Mother of a middle school student