How can we help kids navigate a world where everything can be shared and compared?

Should parents be worried about who their kids are talking to on Roblox or Discord? How can we move the conversation beyond “internet safety” to talk about helping our kids figure out who they are?

My talks leave parents feeling reassured and empowered. Hundreds of communities, companies, and schools have invited me to speak about helping them survive and thrive in their digital world.

Like my books Growing Up In Public: Coming of Age in a Digital World and Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World, my keynotes and interactive presentations feature research-informed, pragmatic, and empathetic advice. I’ll give you the tools to start conversations with your family that will decrease stress and increase understanding around technology.

Engagements with Devorah spark growth!

  • Parents feel supported by their school
  • Caregivers find community and connection
  • Increased parent engagement at school
  • A more supportive school/workplace culture
  • Educators feel supported because they have new tools
  • Higher morale + lower stress levels among parent employees
  • Improved tech boundaries because participants are more conscious of modeling healthy behavior

Popular Talks for Parents

Growing Up In Public

If you’ve ever said “I’m so glad my teenage years weren’t shared for the world to see,” this talk is for you! With social media and constant connection, the boundaries of privacy for children are stretched thin.Growing Up in Public shows parents how to help tweens and teens navigate boundaries, identity, privacy, and reputation in their digital world.

You will learn:

  • Should you read your kids’ texts?
  • How to help your kid be authentic when everything can be shared and compared.
  • Do colleges really stalk kids on social media?

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive In Their Digital World (Tm)

Parents today worry that kids are addicted, detached or distracted because of digital devices. Often, adults are less conscious about what they are modeling with their own relationship with technology. Tech-savvy kids need mentorship to thrive, develop social skills, and succeed in a future where they will likely find a job, meet their spouse and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities.

You will learn:

  • Why mentorship is better than just monitoring
  • How to model healthy tech boundaries for kids
  • Which social skills we should be nurturing in our children

Popular Keynotes for Educators

Growing Up In Public

School leaders are dealing with more issues related to kids’ public sharing. What does it mean to be “famous” these days? How can we prepare all students (and staff) for the realities of having a searchable digital reputation?

What can we do when explicit or hateful images and videos circulate in school communities? Drawing from the research for Growing Up in Public, Devorah will engage audiences with how we can shift our focus from the threat of reputation consequences to a conversation about character.

Social/Emotional Milestones For Screenwise Kids

First email account. First gaming avatar. First social media account. First smartphone. There are many milestones involved in growing up in the digital age. This talk for professionals (counselors, educators, and school leaders) informs audiences about the latest research and helps them to appropriately support young people as they encounter and master these digital skills.

You will learn:

  • What are the milestones for kids growing up in the digital world?
  • How can educators help kids learn the crucial skills they need to navigate these milestones?

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Popular Corporate Keynotes

Navigating Reputation In The Digital Age (Why Branding Yourself Is Bs!)

Young people are told to “brand themselves” for college applications and to find work. But people are complicated and multi-faceted. You are more than a brand. Yes, you can look at your digital footprint and put your best foot forward, but you can also resist the attempt to have a perfectly curated life. And you can recognize that your peers and mentors have complex and multi-faceted lives, too. Growing up in the digital age makes social comparison too easy. This talk busts some of the myths of “personal brand” to emphasize the positives of being yourself and recognizing the pitfalls of social comparison.

From Voicemail To Slack, Navigating Different Tech Generations On Workplace Teams

This talk emphasizes how communicating about how to communicate is crucial. Heitner myth-busts the stereotypes about Generation Z and millennial workers and shares the many advantages of intergenerational teams at work.

Can You Ever Unplug In The Remote Workplace?: Finding Balance In The New Normal

The research is in. Always on is NOT the most productive. But the tools and connectivity are 24/7 and for many colleagues, they are right there at home? How can we create boundaries and get the whole team, including leadership, to buy in.

Onboarding Generation Z: Understanding Today’s College Graduates

In this talk for recruiters, HR and anyone who hires and trains new and recent graduates, Heitner shares her own research and other data about Gen Z to help understand how to recruit, inspire and mentor this generation for the best results.

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