Devorah hosted a webinar for thousands of employees at leading companies on how to make distance learning work for kids during the pandemic. The parents who attended shared that Devorah’s guidance gave them practical advice and tips on how to best support their kids – and themselves – right now. Her perspective and expertise on how to guide children in this digital age is what parents need right now.

Emily Paisner Care.com

I have worked with a lot of speakers, and Devorah is a dream come true! She is responsive, meticulous, patient and above all else: an expert in her field. She made my life so much easier in planning a large and complex event. Her speech was relevant, thoughtfully researched and 100% relevant. Tons of our attendees approached me afterward to let me know how much they enjoyed it.

Carrie Alexander, CIVSA, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Thank you so much for an amazing day and evening.  We really appreciate you sharing your expertise and wisdom with our community.  Our teachers, kids and families are still buzzing about your visit. You bring humor and empathy to the conversation and frame this terrain as relatable and something everyone can tackle together! 

Adele Paynter, Head of Lower School, Sidwell Friends School

Devorah’s message was invaluable and should be heard by parents everywhere. Based on our work with her, our teachers are more empowered in the classroom. We are already planning Devorah’s next visit. 

Felix Jacomino,  Director of Innovation and Technology
Gulliver Schools, Miami, FL

Everyone really enjoyed your talk. Your style and personality made it engaging, and your academic background coupled with being a mom makes you credible and accessible. Your presentation was informative for me both as a technology educator and as a parent!

Allison Drew, Technology Facilitator The Joseph Sears School and parent of three children

Devorah Heitner’s parent talk was superb!  Her talk was humorous, interactive, practical, and highly relevant to parents’ questions and concerns. We are looking forward to having Devorah back next year to potentially work with students and teachers. Highly recommended!

Alicia Duell, Director of Technology and Information Services CCSD21

Devorah was a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and she was very positively received by our staff, parents and kids. Middle schoolers were raving about you the next day. Not an easy task! Our leadership team appreciated thoughtful feedback Devorah shared with us in our debriefing session.

Alison Baratta, Head of Middle School
Doane Academy, Burlington, NJ

Devorah is so well-versed in the research, and moves effortlessly between a student perspective on the digital world, a parent’s perspective, and an educator’s point-of-view.  Her facilitation style is engaging, interesting, relevant, and collaborative.

Devorah’s approach to empowering teachers and parents to help their children develop digital judgment, maturity and wisdom, in age-appropriate ways,  is not based on fear. She focused on building empathy, understanding and ultimately, positive identities. She illustrates clearly how technology exists in a developmental context for every human being, and how awareness of the context, thoughtfulness and transparency can harness the power of technology (including social media) to help children learn and grow. Devorah helps translate the digital world across generations in ways that honor children and adults, and that offers a vision for nurturing sound judgment and independence in students as they grow up in a global, digitized community.

John Novick, Intermediate & Middle School Division Head at Francis W. Parker School

Devorah is an engaging speaker offering research insights, practical takeaways, wise advice, and a examples that help parents understand how kids actually experience social media and screen time.  The Q and A was excellent, too. We were thrilled with her presentation and highly recommend her for any school or parent speaking

PTA President, Murray Avenue School
Larchmont, NY

“Everyone walked away with a sense of calm and renewed confidence in their ability to mentor their digital native(s). Devorah’s guidance was timely and resonated with our students and parents.  This is my new ‘must do’ for the start of the school year!!”

Cari Land, School Counselor, Highland Park School    Austin, Texas

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Internet Safety Speaker, Digital Citizenship Expert


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