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Snapchat? Fun times…What’s it really for?

So Nick Bilton of the NYTimes (and others…) have identified the new app, snapchat as being tempting for sexting. The marketing does seem to favor temptingly topless young women…Any thoughts on other possible uses for snapchat? The idea of a photograph that only exists in the moment has a haunting and fascinating quality…Snapchat art anyone? I want to imagine kids using this for other cool stuff. I searched Twitter Streams to see what the buzz in on the new app, and found this droll tweet:

Funny/sad/sarcastic? Would have to know this young woman more in context to say. If one of my adult women friends said it, I’d think it was pretty funny.


  1. Devorah! You so hit on a hot topic — it’s amazing to have met you in person, THANK YOU! My husband and I happened to talk about this last week and it’s just so silly about the self-destruct – most friends can quickly take a picture of it on most smart phones before it self-destructs, don’t you think?

  2. Karrie says:

    Possible uses by kids: A game with photos as hints. Receiver of photo has to guess location or context. The limited viewing time makes it harder to study the picture. Could also be a closeup of an object and the other user has to guess what the whole object is.

    I could also see it as a way to dispense scavenger / treasure hunt clues. It would add suspense and excitement to a birthday or youth group activity in which each team has a phone that gets the message simultaneously. Then the message disappears. This would take the old paper list of scavenger items into the 21st Century.

    Thanks for the post. I hadn’t heard of this yet!

    It is interesting that the founders claim this is not about sexting but then site in a techcrunch article that the Weiner debacle was inspiration for the product. Hmmm?

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