Screenwise Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive And Survive in Their Digital World

1) There is a lot of concern in our culture about “screentime”?
How does this affect the way we talk with other parents about our children’s digital lives?
2) Have you ever felt pressure from your kids or the wider community to get a new device? How do you deal with that pressure?
3) How tech savvy are you kids…really. Look at the things they “think they know” (pp. 39 -­ 42) and reflect on your own children’s knowledge.
4) Reading about the three categories (p. 47-­‐48) how do you identify with the limiter, enabler or mentor? What about your co-­parent and the other parents in your community?
5) If you asked your children about their least tech habit of yours, what would they say?
6) Looking at what they are doing on devices/tech.
What is their current ratio of creativity versus consumption?
7) Have you ever tried any of their games or apps? What did you enjoy? Were you impressed by their knowledge/abilities?
8) What do you do when your kid asks for a new app, new kind of social media?
What is your current green lighting/permission policy for new apps?
How do you decide when/how much our child will be allowed to use an app?
9) Can you identify a tech mentor in your community-fellow parent, teacher, etc.? The group can brainstorm about how to find these people…

10) Relationships: Does your child currently have any relationships with digital component (i.e. Minecraft, Fortnite with friends, texting, group chat/social media or school-based apps like Google apps, Edmodo, etc.)

11) Have you ever observed your kid being inconsiderate or mean? Does their personality change when they are on a device?  Have they mentioned/have you observed other kids being inconsiderate or unkind?

12) Time Management: Are you concerned about your kids time management? Thinking about your kids—how much do they currently understand about double screening/multi-­‐tasking?
How can you help them co-­‐create solutions? What are the ways you address your own digital distractions? Have you shared these with your children?

13) Reputation. Do your kids follow famous people (i.e.:athletes, musicians, or politicians)

Have you talked with them about the idea of “digital footprint”? How well do they understand this idea? We don’t want to threaten kids about a bad reputation, we want them to be their best selves, even when no one is watching. 

14) What is one area in your family’s approach to tech that you are excited to start working on/co-­‐creating solutions with your child?