Phonewise Phone Contract

So, can I have a phone?”

“All my friends have a phone, when can I have one?”

Your kid has just asked you for a phone, and you’re freaking out.

They’ve been bugging you to buy them a phone for months. Maybe you even got them a phone already, and now you’re not so sure it was a good decision. You spend more time fighting about their phone than talking to each other.

What are they doing on there?

Don’t freak out. I’ve got resources for you.

Here’s a Phonewise Phone Contract that you can adapt.

And here it is as a google doc, that you can adapt in your drive.

You want to keep your kid safe, healthy, and happy. You want to trust that they can be responsible with their phone, without spying on them or having a screaming match.

In addition to the contract, some other resources:


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My book:  Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World.