“So, can I have a phone?”

“All my friends have a phone, when can I have one?”

Your kid has just asked you for a phone, and you’re freaking out.

They’ve been bugging you to buy them a phone for months. Maybe you even got them a phone already, and now you’re not so sure it was a good decision. You spend more time fighting about their phone than talking to each other.

What are they doing on there?

You’ve considered getting your kid a phone, but you’re scared—they’ll have access to literally the entire world at the swipe of a screen.

You’re worried about cyberbullying, naughty pictures, and endless text messages.

You don’t want to raise a screen-addicted kid who has trouble looking people in the eye.

After Phonewise Boot Camp:

You’ll know the right words to use when talking with your kids about phones so that no one storms out of the room in tears.

You’ll notice how kids respond to mentoring and monitoring.

You’ll know how your phone-addicted behavior affects your kids.

You’ll be proud of the empathetic digital native you’re raising.

The idea of a phone won’t be scary anymore—you’ll be ready to get curious about your kids’ interactions with technology.

“Devorah has a clear, culturally-based perspective on the digital world in which our children live and how we as parents can best navigate this world with the most positive results for everyone involved. She combines humor, the latest research and practical takeaway points, all making for a very effective, thought-provoking presentation.”
Martha Silberman
Parent and consultant

“We confidently launched my son as a new cellphone user after finishing this class! We have a system in place for green-lighting new apps and my husband, my son and I are on the same page. We loved that the course focused on realistic, everyday issues.”

Ellen Krause-Grosman

This is a journey that parents and children take together and this course can help you make that connection with the right questions. Loved the videos and the live classes. It’s great to see what other parents are experiencing and know that I am not alone!

Tina Shepardson