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Positive Media! Mad scientist girl on YOUTUBE.

This blog post is about fascinating folks I encountered at the Digital Media and Learning Conference last weekend in SF.

I went to a great panel on “Democratizing Learning Innovation” that included innovator and Tinkering School guru Gever Tulley as well as Sylvia and her “tech ninja” dad, and some other folks…When I was a kid, my scientist dad and I did experiments, but this takes this practice to a whole new level. Both Tulley and Sylvia and her dad think making things/failing/trying/experimenting is a great way to learn things, and I have to agree! Check out Super Awesome Sylvia’s amazing channel. I love her energy, and I love the fact that she is encouraging kids to try complex tinkering and science. I love that she’s a girl doing the mad-scientist thing…

The combination of old school science and new school dissemination on youtube is a delightful pairing. As Gever pointed out, we often treat kids as if they are incompetent and need protection. While as a mom of a three year old, I recognize that there is SOME need for protection, I can also see that my kid can already do much more than I let him, and with encouragement, can really innovate. I look forward to trying some of Tulley’s 50 Dangerous things you should let your kid do…Once little guy is just a bit bigger. Keep on being Super Awesome, Slyvia!


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