If you are raising kids, you are raising Digital Natives. 

What are they doing on those devices anyway? Should parents spy on them? Or will that hurt your relationship in the long run? Our kids need digital mentors to become the best people they can be in our connected world.

I’m Devorah Heitner, and I founded Raising Digital Natives for parents and educators seeking advice on how to help children thrive in a digital world. I’m here to take the fear out of this emotionally-charged topic and help you guide your kids towards empathy, kindness, and integrity. My book, Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World gives parents new insights into kids’ digital world, so they can stop feeling afraid of tech and become tech-positive parents.

Getting this right sets kids up for a lifetime of success in a world where they are likely to find a job, meet their spouse, and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities.

Since earning my Ph.D. in Media/Technology and Society from Northwestern University, I’ve been working with communities, schools and companies across the United States and beyond. 


Working parents crave support and community.

Companies like Google, Altair Advisors and Leo Burnett and Northern Trust have invited me to speak with their employees. Organizations like EO and YPO have invited me to speak with their members.  I’ve spoken at conferences like SXSWedu and CES  and found that even parent who work in the tech industry are looking for support on parenting in the digital age. 

My message is pro-mentoring and anti-guilt.

 In addition to my book Amazon best-selling book: Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in Their Digital World, I’ve written for the NY Times, Washington PostWorking Moms Against Guilt and more. You can see a few of my talks on YouTube. Of course, if you want to know the latest, contact me. 

Looking to book Devorah for a speaking engagement?

Contact her at 773-865-5653 or devorah@raisingdigitalnatives.com

Devorah was a wealth of knowledge in sharing her perspective on raising our kids in a digital world. She brought a lot of great ideas to the room for parents of toddlers through the teenage years. It was refreshing to hear her point of view about embracing technology in a healthy way for the entire family. She gave a powerful presentation and then had a great conversation during the Q&A. HIGHLY recommend Devorah to inspire a healthy, interesting conversation.

Betsy Vankula, Head of Industry, Retail at Google


Popular Workplace Talks For Parents 

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive in Their Digital World
Parents today worry that kids are addicted, detached or distracted because of digital devices. Often, adults are less conscious about what they are modelling with their own relationship with technology. Tech-savvy Digital Natives need mentorship to thrive, develop social skills and succeed in a future where they will likely find a job, meet their spouse and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities. Adults can share our own lifetime of social wisdom to mentor children to become the best people that they can be.
Empathy is the App
In the digital world, no skill is more crucial than empathy. My research with Digital Natives shows that kids are highly attuned to the relationship challenges and stressors that constantly-connected digital lives can create. Expanding on my TEDx talk, I show how to mentor kids and teach them the criteria for making thoughtful decisions. This presentation addresses empathy, boundaries and etiquette that can set children up to for a lifetime of success as digital communicators.

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TEDx Talk: Empathy is the App 

Before we try to catch kids doing the wrong things we need to check: Are we modeling the right ways to use technology?

The good news? It’s a skill set. And like any skill, it can be learned. Simply put, you have to learn in order to teach. 

Digital citizenship is not about operating the devices. It’s about conducting yourself with empathy and developing meaningful relationships.

I have worked with a lot of speakers, and Devorah is a dream come true! She is responsive, meticulous, patient and above all else: an expert in her field. She made my life so much easier in planning a large and complex event. Her speech was relevant, thoughtfully researched and 100% relevant. Tons of our attendees approached me afterward to let me know how much they enjoyed it.

Carrie Alexander, CIVSA Association, Senior Associate Isaacson Miller