Parent Engagement


You’ve announced an innovative technology initiative but parents are pushing back.


You’ve already done a lot to communicate with parents.


But change can be stressful. 

Laser-focused research saves schools money & time.

Imagine what your tech coaches, chief instructional technologist and director of teaching and learning could accomplish if they weren’t so busy defending their program!

Imagine how engaged parents could be if there were respectful, accessible and thoughtful communications from the school that were responsive to their deepest concerns.

My parent focus groups help schools and concerned parents reach understanding and improve relationships. Districts save money and time when they can understand and address exactly what parents are concerned about, instead of just reacting.

Strategic Communication gets parents connected.

In-school events,  parent communication blogs, webinars and workshops…sounds like a lot of work.

You don’t have to do this alone. Raising Digital Natives offers parent engagement strategy on an ongoing basis.

My monthly consulting packages ignite transformation in your district or school with tremendous culture-building support for your digital citizenship efforts.

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Areas where RDN has valuable insights 

  • Parent Engagement/Parent Relations
  • In-class distractions/Classroom Management
  • Teacher/Parent Communication
  • Issues with homework and technology
  • Concerns about 1:1 school culture
  • Designing support for parents with minimal tech experience
  • Teacher attitudes and hopes for 1:1
  • Teachers’ professional development preferences/needs
  • Competitive/ Comparative Analysis
    (want to know what other schools are doing with technology?)

What Can Our School Expect? 

“Devorah helped us pro-actively support parents who were concerned about students’ screen-time and digital citizenship during our 1:1 implementation. Devorah conducted focus groups with parents to get their feedback, so we could ensure that the program addressed the concerns of our parents. We also learned a great deal from Devorah when she was working with our classroom teachers on their strategies for classroom management and parent engagement.

Devorah is really easy to work with. She’s calm, she understands that administrators are extremely busy people, and we sometimes have short blocks of time. She was always very understanding and a great resource for us. The rollout went more smoothly and had greater parent support  since parents knew their voices were informing policies. Working with Devorah of Raising Digital Natives is a very positive experience.”

Katie Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Lincolnshire, IL


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you work directly with students? A: Yes!. And I can train teachers and counselors on our curriculum. Raising Digital Natives can build your capacity to grow/create your own culture of digital citizenship.

Do you have a curriculum for students? A: Yes, I have co-authored with Karen Jacobson, MA, a curriculum titled Connecting Wisely.

Do you work with schools around the country? A: Yes, but I work closely with a limited number of schools at a time.

What schools have you worked with? A: Please see this list, I am happy to put you in touch with school leaders who can discuss the impact of our work together.

Do we need to commit to a 12 month agreement? A: It depends on your needs. A 9-12 month agreement is the most economical and transformative way to work together.


By working with me, schools move quickly beyond the “we showed the video, we’ve covered digital citizenship” approach that is currently so commonplace.

I build capacity for faculty and counselors to weave digital citizenship into fabric of curriculum and school culture.

Teachers need excellent professional development in digital citizenship that offers chances to problem solve around typical peer-peer challenges, classroom management issues and developing a positive digital footprint. I can offer that, and build internal capacity to continue this after we finish our work.

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